Elide Offroad

Our mission is to have an Elide Offroad fireball affixed in every offroad vehicle with fire safety for both the occupants and vehicle in mind. 



Active use:  When a fire breaks out, simply throw the ball into the fire. It will naturally fall into the base of the flame and activate within 3 to 10 seconds. Neither mechanical operations nor training or special skills are required. The fire ball is 4" or 6" in diameter with a weight of 3lbs-5lbs, extremely easy to handle.

Passive use: Having placed the ball over / on top of a fire risk areas, in case of fire the ball will automatically deploy (3-10 seconds after contact with the flame) and put out the fire up to 50 - 75 square feet with the 4" / 85-100 square feet with the 6".

Protection for multiple fire classes & Numerous Awards and Recognition

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